Interactive Interfaces: Prototype of a Design

The workshop of Interactive Interfaces provides knowledge to create interactive prototypes using Vvvv software and various devices such as: Kinect (recognition of the human body), EEG (Control with thought), and Smartphone (touch on display).
During the workshop the attendees will produce graphic layouts on which will be possible to interact through hand’s movement, facial expressions, control of the thought and display touch.

The course’s aim is to learn to manage the display of an innovative presentation, that can be employed in professional environments and in different situations such as; museum exhibitions, commissions for big events, collaborations with services, public and private assignments.


It’s possible combine the “book” object with the most advanced interactive technologies?
The workshop provides resources and knowledge to animate and make sensitive text and images through learning Vvvv software and direct reading devices like a webcam.

The workshop offers the opportunity to experiment, play and know the new technologies for the realization of an editorial footprint. It is an opportunity to reflect on the “book” object in an innovative way combining different expressive means.

Interactive Art

The workshop provides the tools to build a project based on the use of real-time multimedia (digital sets, audio-visual performances, interactive installations, etc.). The following topics will be tackled: problems and phases in the construction of a process, from production to staging, in order to realize one’s artistic work. The workshop explores in terms of both theoretical and practical points of view, the aspects that make up a show of contemporary dance or an immersive installation. It aims to further understanding of the differences in the creation of these two art forms, namely the manner and timing by which the elements are used and combined: body, sound and image.