Interactive Dance Performance
size: 10 x 5 x 8 meters
lenght: 45 minutes

Rhythmic projections and abstract lights glide on the bodies of two dancers involved in The Method, the brand new interactive dance show by Martìn Romeo research, that moves between video installations, performance and interactivity. Available both as performance or installation, this artwork tells a story of domination and subjugation of the body through the play of light and abstract shapes. An optical, kinetic and technological futurism, in which the different visual effects give a clearly delineated subjects. Light, color, texture projections animate the bodies that are defined and blurried at the same time. The role of light and color are exasperated at most through games of positions in space; because the backlight there are forms that become visible and others that seem two-dimensional comparing from the deep space, that is at the center of this balance. Mapping makes everything tight: forms are accomplished by digital projection by an embrace that makes them visible. The intent is to achieve the removal of the elements that lead to the three-dimensionality as light and material to obtain holography.
This project involves different artistic fields such as dance, music and visual arts to create an experience of contemporary art; the concept is the idea of ​​”waste”. It could be also presented as a multimedia dynamic installation: as if you can put your hand in every single field of art to take what you are interested in and then take it back again.
by Federica Patti

choreographer Nicoletta Cabassi
dancers Cristine Sonia Baraga and Andrea Zardi
music Stefano D’Alessio

Ph. Credists Alvise Nicoletti