Interactive Dance Performance
size: 8 x 7 x 5 meters
length: 25 minutes

The performance is an attempt to reflect on the soundscape of the city and on the creative process of all the elements composing it. Relating to Shanghai, let’s imagine a complex layering of sounds, confusing and sometimes annoying sounds, without a clear identity and form. Everything looks like a racket and a total uproar generated by the multitude of people populating the city. A city in continuous and repeated movement, movement itself creating sound. So one would not exist without the existence of the other and vice versa.
The work aims to examine such a process and the close relationship that unites the two elements in question.

The performance is divided into three different periods related by a single, unvarying reading.
First the performer emits a variety of sounds through the movements of his body which in turn sets up the visual-digital real-time scene through the use of software, microphones and sensors arranged in space.
After that these noises will be converted into a set of sounds which can be controlled, handled and managed by the performer. The setting is visually presented with strong, immersive and enthralling features progressing towards an ideal.
Finally the set of starting, disturbing and confusing sounds will change shape becoming a harmonic and melodic track with which the dancer will establish a rhythmic and fluid interaction; in fact he is the creator of such a substantial process in which he lives.

The work aims to let you think how sound is produced within a urban context, where noises become the best interpreters of the identity of man; he lives in certain places, spaces, environments where a sound produces and plays another sound within a process of endless chain reaction.

dancer Walker Ley
music Stefano D’Alessio