Videoinstallation : site specific
size: environmental

The video-installation, specially designed for Pesaro Synagogue, consists of a series of single projections, containing the same image. “Point of views” involves the ceiling of the synagogue, rich of decorations in bas-relief and the front facade which are flooded by a series of multi-projections. The latter enlighten and give back a different vision of the space.
The installation shows some video-images obtained through filming the same place. The activated process induces to reflect on the multitude of points of view, hidden behind every element: distinguishing features, details and characteristics. This is how a digital scenery is born, obtained with simultaneous projections describing the same object, from different angle shots. The perspective vision is altered and amplified by the active participation of the audience who, thanks to some mirrors they can manipulate, intervene on the images themselves. The mirrors act as viewing devices as they help the user in the perception of the work. The object also has a second function: capture the images and repel it at the same time. The projection is going to undergo endless variations, relating to the movements of the mirror, which will divert the images, producing several solutions and visual appearances.

“Point of views” explains itself by its title.
By Davide Riboli

We speak of points of views that is everything living in the abyss existing between involuntary glance and the art of seeing.
I don’t want to speak too long of the work, because I think it must be described by its author, but I would like to offer a chance for reflection before starting.
A Synagogue is itself an excellent symbol of Jewish culture and religion. Both of them are based on the idea of letters and the alphabet. The same name of God, object of infinitive calculations by every cabalist since the Middle Ages up to now, is nothing else than a lost word.
This aspect, linked to the spoken and the written word, has been clashing and interlacing in a fruitful way with the classic tradition
Since the Greeks every “mitopoiesis” is first of all “iconopoiesis”, that is a process generating images. Our civilization surely is iconopoietic, but this doesn’t help us find again that lost word of which I was recently speaking of.
Even if it is attached to epiphany, that is to the display either of the letter or the image, the significant has no connection with its significance.
Lacan is right when he defines the significance as a pebble in the mouth of the significant. Everyone knows stones break both glasses and mirrors.
In Martin’s work there are mirror significants looking for stones.
And there is the twinkle of a glance looking without finding. “I only look for what I am sure I can’t find”, Machado used to say. This constant movement of men, eyes and mirrors is “wandering”, in the double meaning of the term.
Which Martin, as a true artist, can transform into a work of art, starting from an absence.
Ni mas ni menos.

Sound Design Andrea Santini