Interactive Videoinstallation
size: variable

The video-installation presents situations still not happened. Glimpses of views of objects between the abandoned and functioning. Sounds and images that do not match, do not line up, offering a listen and a double vision, differentiated. Prompted straining the capacity of attention. “Improvisation” is built by three visual areas which are placed side by each audio track. Initially, the projected image is distorted, placed in a corner of the wall, or also includes the floor. Audio that should serve as a soundtrack to the image, however, is out of phase, does not correspond to the movements and actions presented, staying out of the timeline. The rearrangement of the instruments that make up the “first act” is performed by a last element. The presence of the spectator who, through the sensors, allows to reorganize and adjust the image on the projection surface and adjusting the sound, making it fit for the latter. The timeless moments earlier are now synchronized and compose a symphony.

sound design Stefano D’Alessio