Installation -triptych
size: 6 x 2 x 1 meters

The Garden was born from direct observation of the vegetation in Villa Comunale in Trani, Apulia, only after a process of deformation, alteration and change had been activated. The study began with the processing of a series of casts proceeding from vegetal forms; fragments of leaves, shreds of trunks, pieces of branches. This process has produced a sequence of sculptural elements obtained with different materials. Everything starting with a thin layer of isolating films, then paper, cementite and finally resin.
Fragile, delicate, light figures. Thin, slender, changeable images. Forms reminding the human aspect, sculptural hybrids between man and nature. The elements have been grouped, collected, assembled inside a limited space. A structure destined to receive our plants, trunks, and leaves. The vegetation, coming up again in artificial key and fake material, generates a place in which bewilderment and a sense of feeling lost reigns.
A sheltered space, closed and protected in a controlled climate. The Contemporary Garden is an attempt to create a microcosm hosted by the device of Villa Comunale. A garden in the garden. A mobile and adaptable garden. A dubious, isolated, controversial space.
Integrated to the Contemporary Garden is the proposal of an alternative course to the usual one due to the park structure. A hidden path to discover and reveal through the symbols scattered along the trees of Villa Comunale.

with Margherita Fabbri

ph. credits Alice Benini
ph. credit Domenico Messa
Renkontigo – Area C | Contemporary Cultures