size: 4 x 2 meters

The video-installation is a device able to reflect the space around and the interfacing spectator. It rotates around the object like a mirror and its specific function is giving back images to the person in front of it. Object representative of the ambiguous connection between reality, fiction, appearance and substance, imagine and form, presence and absence. “Composition” becomes the place where everything can happen. A System representing both the environment where it is set and the spectator attempting to see a work which also incorporates him just in its center. An installation sending and feeding back images which are captured by the outside and addressed again towards the inside of the work, in which the observer results the active protagonist of the mechanism. But all of a sudden the visitor’s body disappears, vanishing in the air; he is deprived of his figure and presence in favour of the arrival of a sound track, substituting the vision of what has been lost.

Sound Design Andrea Santini

ph. credits BridA
ph. credits Ozgur Akgun