Interactive Videoinstallation
size: 6 x 3,5 x 2 meters (variable)

“Built in” is an environmental installation made by a series of box-containers which recall the typical aesthetics of urban conglomerates. Every box contains and shields a figure, a restless body in continuous movement, trapped in a claustrophobic space, limited, reduced.
The work is presented as a single conglomerate, but hides in its interiors sequences which are independent from each other. The object ‘box’ has been chosen to represent the fragility and vulnerability of time: a time which deteriorates and materializes in the same time.
The will of the artist is to make tangible this temporal process, circumscribing it, and making it “physical” through the movements of the performer, projected in the interns of the boxes. These movements can be divided and classified according to three different actions: the exploration of the space, the construction of geometric shapes and the construction of the bases that create the hosting structure.
The audience, entering the interested area, contributes with its interaction to a change of parameters, previously imposed by the artist. Moving inside the space, he can accelerate or stop completely the video projected in the boxes.
The installation foresees also an audio backup which does not only function as soundtrack, but that guides the spectator inside this process of interaction with the artwork. In this way the volume of the acoustic can increase or decrease, going along with the different positions of the bodies and creating a unique fusion between audio and image.

ph. credits Carlo Ottaviani